on Wednesday, 22 February 2012.


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Greenbox Associates is an architectural engineering consultancy base in Hampshire headed by Rachel Mitchell

Rachel came to work with low energy buildings via a career in social housing and completed an MSc in Sustainable Architecture and Renewable Technologies at the Centre for Alternative Technology in 2006.

The low energy design consultancy was set up at the seme time and has been developing ever since. A turning point was attending the International Passivhaus Conference in Nuremburg in 2008.

"This really made it clear to me that very good building fabric is only way to confidently and consistently deliver low energy homes. Good design with attention to detail can make low energy buildings, which are affordable and make best use of solar gain and daylighting to create an exceptionally comfortable living or working space. All of this fits in with the need to drive down energy demand and carbon emissions."

Greenbox has working with Passivhaus design ever since and our skills and knowledge were consolidated on the Passivhaus Designers Course at Strathclyde University. Rachel become one of the first UK certified Passivhaus designers in 2010. 

Rachel is now combining Passivhaus design work with research and is completing a PhD in architecture and engineering at the University of Bath. Working with the Passivhaus Trust, Rachel is looking at the performance of Passivhaus Homes once occupied. The early published results can be found here.

Rachel also teaches Passivhaus Design and Building Regulations compliance at Bath University, Southampton University and Coventy University.


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