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The Zero Carbon Hub was established in 2008, as a non-profit organisation, to take day-to-day operational responsibility for achieving the government’s target of delivering zero carbon homes in England from 2016. Since then the Hub has worked with both government and industry with the focus on raising build standards and reducing the risk associated with implementing the Zero Carbon Homes policy.

The Zero Carbon Buildings policy forms part of Government’s wider strategy to achieving the CCA target, while at the same time assists in tackling other important issues including energy security and fuel poverty.

The policy, as set out today, requires all new homes from 2016 to mitigate, through various measures, all the carbon emissions produced on-site as a result of the regulated energy use.This includes energy used to provide space heating and cooling, hot water and fixed lighting, as outlined in Part L1A of the Building Regulations. Emissions resulting from cooking and ‘plug-in’ appliances such as computers and televisions are not being addressed as part of this policy.

There are three core requirements which must all be met for a home to qualify as zero carbon:

  1. The fabric performance must, at a minimum, comply with the defined standard known as the Fabric Energy Efficiency Standard (FEES) and
  2. Any CO2 emissions that remain after consideration of heating, cooling, fixed lighting and ventilation, must be less than or equal to the Carbon Compliance limit established for zero carbon homes, and
  3. Any remaining CO2 emissions, from regulated energy sources (after requirements 1 and 2 have been met), must be reduced to zero.

Requirement 3 may be met by either deliberately ‘over performing’ on requirements 1 and 2 so that there are no remaining emissions, or by investing in Allowable Solutions.   

Greenbox associates have been working with the Zero Carbon Hub

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Quebec Barracks

on Monday, 31 March 2014. Posted in Zero carbon homes project

Green Box Associates have been working with Radian Housing and Architeture PLB to develop the energy and sustainability strategy for the proposed new homes at Quebec Barracks Bordon. This is the first phase of the regeneration of Whitehill and Bordon Green Town. 

Quebec Barracks

All of the new homes will meet the Zero Carbon Hub definition of a zero carbon home the proposed compliant standards for Part L1A 2016 ( now delayed).

The homes are now on site and being constructed, Greenbox Associates continues to work with the Zero Carbon Hub ( Now Buildings Hub) to demonstrate compliance with the new standards, planning conditions and Building Regulations sign off. In addition Greenbox Associates will be conducting post occupancy monitoring to evaluate the performance of the new buildings against the design assumptions.